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I have a thing against iceburg lettuce

I am now back from my trip to the West Coast and finally caught up on email, so I thought I would sit down and write about my fabulous trip.  There are pictures, but  I need to go through them and get permission to post some of them because of some of the people (and positions) involved.

Thursday before last I skipped out of work early and headed to the airport.  Got on my plane, door closed and then they closed the airport too.  Thunderstorms.  Two and a half hours later we finally took off and I was on my way to San Jose.  I was met at the airport by the lovely lovelady_texas, who is one of the best.hosts.ever, and her new beau.  OH, and a bottle of water.  How awesome is that?  We spent the rest of the night (and a couple hours of the wee morning) drinking wine, eating some tasties, and catching up on the last year.

Friday morning we woke up, showered and headed out to run some errands.  There were cafe tables to rent and cinnamon donut holes to pre-order.  Lunch was at a nice bistro in San Jose with baked brie and a bottle of wine and pasta.  During lunch, we discovered that Southwest Airlines really has no idea where their planes are at any given time as I am fairly certain that when we called to find out when grocery_getter's plane was supposed to land that it was in fact landing before she even took off.

Once we met grocery_getter at the airport (so good to see you again!), we headed over to find out about hair coloring, got our nails did at the swanky spa at the hotel los gatos, ordered a pizza, and then headed to a bar to wait for the pizza to get cooked.  The bar, by the way, is awesome and the bartender, I call her Maude, was spectacular.  I am pretty sure those shots were free.  Once we got our drink on, we picked up the pizza and met a couple other girls back at the casa de lovelady_texas.  Hours of wine drinking and pizza eating followed, including the ingestion of many handfuls of dog nuts (and fabulous tales of aligators!), when we finally called it a night.

Saturday morning met many with payment for the night before, but we are strong and we carried on...on to more shopping.  We had to pick up the margarita machine, and I am totally in awe of Brian's mohawk.  Super cool.  Anyways, that's right, I said we rented a margarita machine.  Off to lunch at the in and out, which was pretty awesome, and then more shopping!  I have ingredients to get for copious amounts of jell-o shots and pineapple upsidedown cakes.  Back at the pad, we set everything up, did some last minute cooking and showering, helped the caterers get set up (that's right, caterers!), and then there were people!

Met lots of great people, but of special note were ardaliz and captncarrie who are simply amazing.  So good to meet you both!  And you bet your bottom dollar I will be coming to see you again.  Much of the party is a blur, which is why there are pictures, but I had an amazing time and I hope to see all of my new friends again soon.

Sunday morning I woke up cleaned a little read a little, then grocery_getter and Shannon and I decided we might as well turn the margarita machine back on.  We spent the day cleaning and finishing up the drinks from the night before; just enjoying the sunshine, awesome weather, and amazing people.

That night I had to leave for the second half of my trip.  Seattle was calling and I am sure I was at the end of my welcome.  Fantastic time, fantastic people and I hope to do it all again soon.

Like I said, there are pictures, but I want to clean them up and make sure I have permission to use some of the pics before I post them.

Oh, one question we want to know...if you light a cigarette from a jesus candle, does it lower  your chance of cancer?

More about Seattle later.


OK, LJ, I need some advice.

This morning I was out for my morning job (or what some of you may call my morning brisk walk) and the last decent pair of headphones I have finally gave out, and I was stuck for over a mile with nothing to listen to but the sound of my own panting.

So now I am on the hunt for a new set.  easilydistractd has an awesome pair of ear buds that fit really well and are very comfortable, but as I was hunting the web trying to find out where I could buy some NOW (because that's how I roll), I found some Shure ear buds that are NOISE CANCELING.  Do I need this?  Probably not, but it would be nice to have someone else tell me that there are better ways to spend my money.

Also, has anyone had any experience with USB to headphone converters?  My poor laptop at home believes the headphones are always plugged in when, in fact, the headphone jack is totally missing.  The result?  No sound for me.  So I am left wondering if I hooked up a USB to headphone adapter if I would once again be able to listen to iTunes or awesome online videos.

Anyone with suggestions?  Hurry!  I need them ASAP so I can jog tomorrow and ignore people on my flight to San Jose!

Motivation Issues

I am having serious motivation issues this week and I don't think they are all because of the amazing vacation I will be leaving for on Thursday.

Not much posting has been happening, I guess I need to be upset or pissy or not motivated to do anything else but write.  Just so happens that right now I have met all three criteria.

Apparently at work I am having to relocate to another cubicle.  Wouldn't be a big deal if I wasn't in a pretty private cube now.  Right now I have like an office with only 2 and a half walls, which is awesome.  As of Thursday, I will be in one big cube with 3 other people.

And it's not that I don't like them, they are great people, it's just that...well...I AM AN INTROVERT and having to share a room with three people makes my skin crawl.  I even have a hard time spending the night with friends and often times drive myself home in very sleepy conditions, and THOSE ARE MY FRIENDS. 

I know it isn't personal, the group I am in is merging with another group and they want all of us to be together, but I WILL MISS MY SPACE.

Good thing I am flying out right after I do the move, I don't think I could take having to work right away after that.  Sigh.

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Stupid Password

I have reset my password here three times and it just won't work.  bah.


Well apparently it did.  I couldn't log in through the log in box, but I could just update my journal.  Now that my journal is updated, I can log in.  Freaky.

Quick Update

Hello LiveJournal land,

I know it's been a while since my last update, and trust me I feel really crappy about that.  To all of you who keep sending me nudges, keep sending them and I know i will start to write more.

Before I get back in to the swing of things though, I do need to set the record straight on a certain rumor going around town.

Yes, it is true.  I am once again going to prove that I indeed do know the way to San Jose and will be there from Thursday night through Sunday, at which time I will fly to Seattle to set a new record.  Every time I have been to Seattle it has been for an hour layover.  This time I will stay for a week.

San Jose will allow me to sit around and ponder "Why" with the ever philosophical lovelady_texas at her fabulous Cinco de Mayo party.  For all of you kids in SJC and SF that I have never met, I hope to do so then. 

Anyone in Seattle that wants to try and have coffee or somesuch, let me know.  My schedule is a little whacky as I will be at a conference, but would love to at least TRY to meet some cool peeps.

Hope to see/hear from tons of you soon.


It's Christmas time?

Man, I don't even know what to say...it's been a wild year.  I often times miss having more privacy at work so I could read up on LJ while I am waiting for numbers to crunch, or while on conference calls.  I need to find a new way to play here.

For those still interested (and who still remember who I am), life is good.  Really good actually.  Still poor, still make bad decisions, but I think my outlook on life is changing.  :)  Maybe.  Whatever, maybe this will pass.

CSS and Wordpress

Anyone out there with some mad CSS skills who could help a brother out?  I've got three issues that should be failry simple to solve for someone who has a spare hour and CSS/Wordpress knowledge.

Drop me a line.  :)



So my friend Jessica is getting married in Maui in November.  10 years ago I promised to go to her wedding whenever it was, so of course I am living up to my promise.

I'm looking for suggestions on where to stay...I'd like to be central, on the beach, and not spending 300/night.  Any suggestions?

Anyone care to join me?


I know I know,

I owe LJ an update. Hopefully this weekend I will have some time to regroup and tell the tale of my trip to San Fran.

But I cannot wait to say this:

I just got one of the greatest gifts EVER from my hostess for the trip, lovelady_texas.  You will all be jealous when you see it.

Thanks LLT, you are The Best.  BEST.