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Cream of wheat

Cream of wheat just said:

"oh my god, I just farted. "

"does anyone have a plug for my butt?"

I asked if she really said that last one. She said: "yes, a plug for my butt. Apparently I can't hold my gas. "


So apparently I only play quiet on TV.

And I love love dip.


In san Fran

Having an amazing time with lovelady_texas. Drinking beers and sitting in the sun. Left the fog in the city, took the boat to tiburon. Eat at sams.

Hey your t shirt shorts while they're hot!

yeah yeah

It's been busy. Leave me alone.

Anyways, all my peeps in the San Jose area...I am going out on business next week (starting Tuesday). Let me know if you want to go out and play while I'm there. :) Going to try and get my trip extended through the weekend.


Yeah for a second weekend in a row where I don't really have to work. :)

So yeah, things are really going fast and furious, and hopefully that means good. YP is doing well and getting more popular (people are starting to write about us!), but at what cost? Bah. The day job is getting in the way big time too, hopefully once the project I am on there dies down a little, I can start leaving there on time.

Personal stuff? Not sure there is any. :( I miss my friends and need to see them.

Busy Busy Busy


So yeah, that's just one of the projects that's gone done in the past week.

Moved the server to a new data center, brought on a new technology person, started advertising like mad, had our first print at hit at http://www.jubmag.com, ummm what else...man...just kept really busy.

Things are good though. Money is a little tight, but man can I ever see the end of the tunnel.

Or at least the middle.

Happy New Year!

I know I am a little late on this, and really should have said something when I got home from the NYEs party, or hell even yesterday when I was sitting at the PC most of the day, but for some odd reason I never got around to it.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and fuck you to all of you with today off work.

Mmmm...Free Ice Cream

Last week was rough.

The week before that was amazing.


I had an amazing time in Vegas with J and C! Bally's wasn't a 5 star joint, but it was nice enough at a great price and right in the middle of the strip. So much fun!

Did you know that Zumanity has changed some in the last 9 months? Yup. And I will not again go on a Sunday, it was still a GREAT show, but the usual MC takes Sunday's off. He makes such a difference.

Made them eat at n9ne, and they liked it. YUM!

Saw lots of panties.

George Carlin is getting old, still funny, but getting old.

Then we came home, spent the day in the hospital with mom to prep her for her surgery early next month. Got sick over the weekend.

And then my first day at the new job! Man, I thought I made a HUGE mistake. The hours are VERY different from what I am used to and I don't have the privacy I used to have.

However I do get free ice cream. Yup. And free parking, free fruit, free drinks, free snacks and a better compensation plan. I am sure it will work out fine.

Yesterday was day one of week two and things were better. I need to be more assertive and make sure I don't forget that I *do* know what I am talking about and have good ideas.

Anyways, I have decided to make a point of logging on in the mornings when I have more time now (which feels so odd) to update and read journals.


We made it alive!

The dude next to me went through 4 oxygen tanks, buy everyone else made it!

Freaky trip

So I am sitting at the airport with j and c, and they have abounced that our flight may be over sold. They want three volunteers to take a much later flight.

They will give is 250 in travel vouchers, lunch, and first class air. Should we do it? We think it could be fate. I mean, how many people travel in 3s?

Well, we want to get there so I don't think we will take it. Hopefully we won't crash